MLM Success System

Here is where we ask you to drain your brain to zero and trust in simplicity!!s

MLM 3 Step Success system is simple and only takes a very small amount of time daily.

Step 1 - The Approach

Step 2 - The Information

Step 3 - The Online, or Telephone 3-way Follow up

Step 1 - The Approach

The approach is so easy you will be inclined to complicate it. Don't!!

If your company is an Online company use this approach

You simply call up your contact or strike up a conversation with a stranger with:

"Do you use the internet?"

"Are you making money with the internet?"

"Isn't it amazing how many people are making money with The Internet?"

"Would you be interested in learning how you could make money with The Internet?"

At this point you have completed the approach. If you got a yes to the last question, you just simply ask the prospect for their telephone number and email address and say you will send them something by email in the next day or so.

If they say they don't have email, get their phone number (if you are in person) and by all means if you have an autoprospecting system of some sort, give them your site information (you can check out our automatic prospecting system if you don't have one ) and get them to check out the website. Make sure you tell them that in the next day or so you will call to follow up with an associate to help answer their questions. The above prospecting system purpose is not to recruit you, it is a sample of how it can be set up ONLY!

If they ask you to mail them something by snail mail, just politely tell them that you don't work your business that way and are looking for online connected ambitious people and that at this point you don't think your business applies to them.

Step 2 - The Information

The information you send them by email is again very simple. Following is an actual sample email you can use. (with some sort of autoprospecting system you will be able to put this all into autoresponders and make it happen fairly automatically)

Sample Informational Email

Dear Myfriendsname,

John and Jane Doe here! It was nice speaking to you the other day. As I promised I am sending you a bit of information on how to Have Fun and Make Money with the internet! What an exciting place.

The support systems this company has to ensure we can build a great business and have fun with an hour a day of effort are simply amazing.

Check out my website at:


Looking at our website should not take more than 30 minutes of your time. If you love what you hear you will be ready for more information within 30 minutes. If you hate it, you will be done in merely minutes. I am sure you will agree it is worth few minutes of your time.

I will follow up with you with an associate in the next few days to get your opinion of what you saw.

Your Friend,

John/Jane Doe



Remember, DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING. Keep is Super Simple.

You can use any automatic prospecting systems built in Autoresponders to get this information out to them and more timed followups as well. An automated prospecting system can help a lot in both an online and offline approach to building your business.

Step 3 - The Telephone and/or 3-way Follow up

Simple, Simple, Simple, just the way I like it!! Remember, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, not doing this sets you up for almost guaranteed FAILURE.

For detailed psychology and detailed instructions on the 3-way follow up, Click Here.

3-ways can be done by telephone, or Online. In both cases be sure to enlist the help of your upline.

And there you have it. The 3 Steps to Success Plan. Follow this exactly and watch your business Flourish!

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