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The Key to a successful information referral of any kind is setting up the 3-Way Call when you hand out the information. If you are not going to tell them you will get back to them with someone you work with to handle there questions, seriously consider if you are coach able and should be doing this business!!!

I know, I know, sounds hard-line right? It is. But, it is for your own good. I know what you are thinking because I thought it myself when I got started, “I am not going to let my Up-line talk to my friends and family on a 3-Way call, no sir, he may screw it up!”, or “My friend is going to be so interested, I don’t need my Up-line on a 3-Way Call for this one!”


This is more likely the turnout if you do not use your Up-line. Your friend is not interested, in fact he knows someone who has been burned by one of them pyramid deals before. He launches into you about how crazy you are for getting duped into one of those things. (Truth is, he has never actually looked at a legitimate Network Marketing company, he is just going on hearsay)

You have seen the light, and are very excited by what you have seen. The more he tells you he is not interested, the more you try to convince him that he is wrong. The more you try to convince him that he is wrong, the more he believes he is right! Soon, it deteriorates into an argument, and poof, you become one step closer to being a charter member of the NFL club!!!! (that's "No Friends Left" for those of you who still haven’t heard!

Your up-line can prevent the scenario above on a 3 Way Call because he is a neutral third party. He is not emotionally tied to the outcome of the conversation. He will be willing to tell your friend it is not for him, if he can not dig out and successfully deal with the objection.

So now you are probably thinking, “thats fine if my up-line knows what he is doing, but what if my up-line screws up the call?”. This is the best part of the 3-Way call. If your Up-line screws it up, you can always call your friend back and say, “I’m sorry about that guy. I didn’t know he was going to do that. Imagine, if guys with no class like him can do this business, just think of the money we could make!!” You see, there is no downside to a 3-Way call.

The 3-Way call completes what is known as the Trust Respect Triangle.

You see, your friend trusts you, but probably doesn’t respect your knowledge about MLM. The up-line is the unknown to your friend, so no matter whether your up-line is a successful networker or not, your friend will immediately respect his knowledge of MLM. This is human nature.

I am going to tell you a little story about how deep this Trust Respect thing goes into human nature. I obtained my Private Pilots license at the age of 19 (a dream I had, set a goal, went after it!). I took my buddy Kevin flying one day. Everything seemed fine. After we landed, he told me that it was the scariest thing he had ever done in his life. 

Now understand, it was not the small aircraft that spooked him, his uncle had a small airplane and he had flown with his uncle lots of times. What got him was that he had to fly with me. He said to me he would have rather flown with a pilot with 1/2 my skill and training that he didn’t know, rather than me. 

The reason. He trusts me with his life, but he didn’t respect my knowledge of how to fly an airplane, after all, I was his buddy that he partied, and had fun with.

What the heck did I know about flying airplanes. You see, human nature, we can’t change it. Just learn how to work around it.

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3 - Way Call Mechanics

To actually do a three way call, you need to first activate the feature with your phone company, or in many cases you will be charged a per use charge which can be prohibitive. Upon activation with your phone company, you will be charged a fixed monthly rate of a few dollars.

When doing a 3-Way Call, you start by calling your up-line. (I am assuming you scheduled time with them to do a few calls) Your up-line will ask you a few questions about the person. Here is the information your up-line needs to know, have it ready for each person you are going to call:

  • The persons Name?
  • What information does the person have so far?
  • What is the objective of the call?
  • Has this person been 3-Wayed before and with who?

Once you have briefed your up-line with the information, you simply push your “flash key” on your phone or do a brief 1/2 second hang up. You will hear three beeps then a dial tone.

At this point you dial the person you are trying to reach. At the first ring, you hit your “flash key” or do the hang up thing again, and this will connect your up-line back in. Quickly ask if he is there while the phone is ringing.

Usually start the call by respecting the prospects time.

I usually say, “Hi Fred, its Dennis Wilson calling, did I catch you at a good time?” 

If they say no, end the call immediately after you get a time that is better to call back.

Always do your best to pre-empt this by saying, “Oh, sorry, how about I call you back in an hour or so?”

This allows you to get it done sooner rather than later. If you ask them when you should call back, almost for certain they will tell you next week.

If they say yes, to introduce your Up-line on the 3-way call, by simply saying,  “As I mentioned when I gave you my website, I took the liberty of having (Up-line's name) on the line with me in case you had any questions. (Up-line) is already successfully working the business and will be helping me to do the same. (prospect), meet (Up-line).”

If you are the knowledgeable Up-line, open the conversation by saying, “Hello, it’s good to meet you over the phone. (Distributor) tells me that you do a great job in the (what they work at) industry – is that right? That website you saw looks really interesting, doesn’t it? Well, (prospect), let me ask you a question. Based on the information you have seen so far, does it look like something you see yourself participating in?”

If you get a “yes”, you can help to get them started right there online. 

If you get a “no”, they obviously have some objections. To answer them, check the Objections section of this website.

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