Handing out information has many forms and varieties. You can hand out the information personally, or you can email the information to the prospect. I am going to cover some different sales aids and ways of using them in this section. I will also include sample scripts for handing out, or emailing out such information. To get directly to the topic of interest, Click on either: Website - Teaser Disk - Prospecting Card


The Key to a successful information referral of any kind is setting up the 3-Way Call when you hand out the information. If you are not going to tell them you will get back to them with someone you work with to handle there questions, seriously consider if you are coach able and should be doing this business!!!

If you need justification as to why this is, go to the 3-Way Call page, then come back here!!

Approach people on making money rather than saving money!

Think back to when you got involved. Did you get that excited insomnia over your supplements, automotive additives, websites, leads, or dishwasher soap? Or did you , like most, lose sleep over the concept of Leverage and how a few people could grow to many, and you could make some extra money and help some people you care about do the same? Remember, most people are more interested in making money than saving money. Whenever we are told how much we will save, we right away think, how much do I need to spend! Think about it!

The Website

You can use a website to pre-qualify your prospect, do an online presentation for your prospect, and link them into your corporate website for that final confirmation before joining you.

Sometimes offering your prospects the tools they will need to help them be successful, or even just the knowledge that your company, or your group has them, or has access to them can help a prospect make the decision to join your company and or team over another one.

You could refer your prospect to some sort of Automated Prospecting System to find out how interested they are. This could be something you build yourself on our FREE Webhosting account, or something you purchase that is ready made to deal with your contacts. We have a fantasti autoprospecting system for pre-qualifying and linking to your corporate website that you can check out. We offer a free trial on this product as well.

As you refer them to your website, or your automated prospecting system let them know you will call them with an associate to answer any questions they may have regarding the information they obtain.

The Dear Friend Letter approach

Here is the exact copy of a letter you can send to people to introduce them to the business.

Dear John,

I hope all is well with you and your family. Things here are just great!

I am not sure if it is for you or not but I have found a really interesting way to make some extra money while learning about the internet. The best part is it can be done with a small time commitment and doesn’t jeopardize my current job. It was a website that caught my interest.

I am interested in your opinion, and to know if it hits home for you as much as it did for me. The website shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes to take a look through. It is at

You wouldn't believe it, you can actually make money referring others to this website!!

Please take a look at it within the next 48 hours and I will give you a call with someone I work with to answer your questions.

Your Friend

Dennis Wilson

Now I know what you are thinking, that's to impersonal. I want to give them a bunch more information on me, catch up with them.

Well let me share with you why that may not be a good idea. Have you heard people complain about friends that get into network marketing then suddenly call them up after years of not talking to them. They chit chat and catch up, then BAM!!!! The big MLM spiel! Have you heard how much that can hurt the long lost friends feelings? Well I have. I have had downline insist on getting all friendly over the letter first then just tack my suggestion onto the bottom of the letter.

Most of them became charter members of the NFL club in a big hurry. (that is the No Friends Left club for anyone who didn’t know!)

If you keep it simple, and professional without the charade of catching up, you can always spend time catching up if they join you in your business. Or, if they say no thank you, you can start building a relationship with them once again because of this business.

The key is not to badger them about the business if they have told you and your upline on the 3-Way call no thanks! Believe me, they will ask you now and then, “How is that thing you are doing going?”

If the person has not committed to looking a the website within 48 hours of my first 3-Way call, I will usually ask them when they will be able to look at the website for sure.

Remember, again the point is to follow up in a timely fashion with your upline on a 3-Way call.

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