2 on 1 MLM Presentations

2 - on - 1 Presentations

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It is not always possible to get someone out to a Scheduled In- Home Presentation or Hotel Presentation.

A great alternative is a 2 - on - 1 presentation. This again is easy for you because when done right, your Upline does all the work.

The easiest way to do a 2 - on - 1 presentation is to invite someone to your home, or meet them at theirs, or meet somewhere neutral like a restaurant.

Have your upline there as well so your Upline can do the presentation, help with any objections, and share their story. Your upline should also offer support to new distributors, when they are done the presentation.

My experience has been that 2 - on - 1 Presentations have a high success rate on the spot!! People get there questions answered and get involved. Its great, try it!!

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