Objections - How to Answer them

MLM Objections -The Basic Steps to Answering

There are several basic steps to follow when addressing and answering objections. They are simple to learn and practice. When used properly, objections will no longer be viewed as a problem in your business, but rather an opportunity to eliminate underlying concerns, thus leading you directly to retailing product or enrolling a new Distributor in your Organization.

  1. Always listen carefully to your prospect’s objection or question and never interrupt or anticipate what they are going to say.
  2. Most of the time your prospect’s sincere objection is a question in disguise or an underlying concern.
  3. Agree with your prospect’s objection; appreciate their reasons for thinking that way; or repeat their objection so that you clearly understand what they are saying. Using “ feel/felt/found ” will usually bring them around to your point of view.
  4. Example: “I understand why you feel that way”... “I can truly appreciate what you’re saying”... “I felt that way myself and when I found out… I got really excited.” The key point here is to keep from provoking the other person’s resistance and maintain rapport with them using key phrases to begin your conversation each time.
  5. Example: “I agree...,” “I respect...,” and “I appreciate...,” followed by an “and”. No “buts” or “howevers” – these two words distance you from the other person and contribute to disagreement, not agreement. You want your prospect to be at ease, less defensive of their objection and more receptive to you and your response. More importantly, you want to be able to turn your prospect into a new retail customer or Distributor and leave them with the feeling that the decision they made was truly their own, arrived at with your caring guidance.
  6. Respond to your prospect’s objection and question as precisely and briefly as possible. Don’t take the objection personally! After being in any MLM company any length of time you’ll soon recognize the common objections that recur. Learn one or two responses for each one. In other words – be prepared.
  7. Once you have answered your prospect’s question or concerns “tie it down.” Confirm your response, making sure your prospect understands and agrees with it before proceeding any further with your presentation.
  8. Example: “Does that answer your question?” – “Does that make sense to you now?” – “Wouldn’t you agree?”
  9. Once your prospect understands and agrees with your response, always return to a closing question, giving them a choice of things you would like to see them do.
  10. Example: “Great! Then based on what you’ve seen and heard, how do you see yourself participating in my MLM company – as a retail customer or building a business as a Distributor?” (stop talking and wait for a response)
  11. Example: “Great! Let’s get you started with the products, so you can start enjoying the benefits (no pause; continue with) Would you prefer to take care of that with a visa or mastercard?” (stop talking)
  12. It is better to have a strong no now, than a forever maybe!!!!!

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