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Hotel Presentations - By Dennis Wilson

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The Hotel presentation is the big Kahuna of Showcases. Just to shock you, is absolutely unnecessary to have a Hotel Presentation to build a Network Marketing Business. You can build a huge business out of a chain of Home Presentations. It is more duplicateable, and easier for people who can’t get to a Hotel Presentation to do.

That being said, there is a lot of benefits of a Hotel Presentation. The key one is Excitement. Once your group grows to over about 20 distributors regularly, meaning weekly, coming out to presentations, you may be ready to move to a hotel. Check prices carefully, you don’t want to get into a situation that costs you money. You want to try to recover most of the Hotel fee by charging $5.00 per distributor at the door.

Once again I just have to put in my input on one key issue I have seen done wrong over and over again.

Let me ask you if you think successful people are the best ones to sponsor into your business?

Or, do you think the unemployed make the best prospects?

Would you think that an executive type with all the interpersonal skills it takes to make it in network marketing would be your best prospect?

You betcha, and I think so too.

So do you think an executive type is going to be impressed with a meeting that starts late and is full of people dressed in Jeans and a T-Shirt?

I can tell you that when we have relaxed on dress code, I have lost some valuable prospects that just couldn’t see themselves participating in something with so many obviously unprofessional people.

So one simple question, would you rather impress the executive types that have the skills built in, or the one who complains that if he has to wear a suit, he just isn’t going to come.

I think you get my point.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS!!! Have a dress code and enforce it!!!

Last thing, respect peoples time, start on time!!!

Here are the Mechanics of a Hotel Presentation:

  • Arrive early; invite your guest to be there 15 minutes prior to the Presentation starting time.
  • Dress for Success; that means business dress. If you dress for less, you hurt everybody.
  • Be aware that the Presentation is for the new guests. Be as excited as if it’s the first time you’ve seen the Presentation.
  • Remember, Distributors are as important as the speaker. You play a major role in setting the tone and energy of the Presentation!
  • The same Presentation is given each time, because it works! Sit in one of the first three rows with your guests so that any distractions are behind you.
  • Refrain from talking during the Presentation. Keep your attention towards the front.
  • Do not distribute material during the Presentation. If you hand your guest a catalog prior or during the Presentation, their focus will not be on the speaker, and they will miss the concept.
  • Never leave the room during the Presentation
  • After the Presentation, don’t leave immediately. Create a circle of chairs and answer questions for guests so your new Distributors can hear and learn.
  • Always have a positive attitude at the Presentations. Problems always go Upline and are not voiced at the Presentations!!
  • Give “welcome” smiles and handshakes before and after the Presentation.
  • Volunteer to help at the registration table, and be courteous to other Representatives and their guests.
  • Have some of your products ready to sell your prospect sitting in the presentation with you. You will sell more product if they can make the impulse decision than if you have to go to your car to get it.


  • Projector, extension cords(s), extra bulb, screen Slides
  • Cash box, receipts, registration sign(s)), guest sign-in sheets, pens and name tags
  • Cassette/CD player and tapes or CD’s


  • Screen with cassette player behind the screen
  • Projector

The room should be set up theatre-style with the registration table at the entrance into the room or just inside the entrance of the room. The registration table should have the cash box, guest registration sign-in, pens, and name tags on it.


  • Ensure the room temperature is moderate
  • Lights - no light shining on screen, enlist a Distributor to ensure there is good lighting in the room during testimonial times
  • Erect easel at front left of room and write next/special event(s)
  • Chairs - have slightly fewer chairs set up than number of guests expected, but have extra chairs stacked at back of room ready for overflow
  • Extension cord - tape to floor to avoid possible tripping
  • Keep door closed to meeting room until the leader instructs to open
  • Guest registration - at least 2 Distributors to handle guest registration sign-in, collect $5.00 from Distributors and name tag pick up
  • Enlist a Distributor to control the projector - turn projector light on or off at the appropriate times during the presentation
  • Start music just prior to opening the doors to the room and turn off just prior to starting the meeting and on at the end of the meeting
  • Have 2 Distributors greeting guests with a smile and suggest filling any available front seats
  • Doors close at start of meeting and no one is to be admitted to the room or allowed out until the start of testimonials (product and/or business)
  • Remember, work as a team and if you see something that needs to be done, DO IT!

Acknowledgement & Recognition Will Drive your Business

More than anything else, people will respond to acknowledgement and recognition. At your presentations acknowledge anyone who qualified for their first step check or first step 3 check in one week or first new distributor or successful Home Presentation. Recognition will inspire your group. The key to recognition is that it must be sincere and for accomplishment.

Change the guard:

At your presentations you will have distributors that religiously attend for a sense of belonging or the recognition they desire by giving their same testimony each week. Change the guard!!! At your presentations have new performers give testimony or participate. Many times the best testimony is “I just started with this company and have already sponsored 2 friends and have another here with me tonight.”

Always Build for upcoming events

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