Hotel MLM Presentations

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Tools and materials to have on hand (BE PREPARED)

  • A computer with a reliable fast internet connection, microphone, speakers, and soundcard.
  • Good Personal Story
  • Online Presentation Website address - Your site could be a good intro if you haven't yet shown it to them, then move on to the corporate presentation and read through it for your guests.

Developing Your Story/Testimony

  • 60 seconds maximum
  • Name & where you are from
  • Background (education, occupation, etc.)
  • Benefits (maximum 4 — don’t ramble)
  • How you started
  • Save the best for last

Remember that your story wants to encompass some objections. This will help to overcome objections before they exist. So if lack of time was a consideration for you, include that you were shown how to weave it in. If money was your biggest problem, tell how you worked it out. Your story will relate to someone in the audience.

Rehearse this and memorize this, and make it the same all the time. This is one of those things that is Ultra Ultra Ultra important.

The Mechanics of the Home Presentation

The home presentation is so easy. It can be used to support Hotel Presentations, or to get a kernel of people started so you can branch out to more home presentations, or even possibly get to a Hotel Presentation.

The easiest way to do a home presentation, is to invite some people over and hop onto the internet and have your upline put on a presentation for you.

Your Upline can then help with any objections, and to share their story and offer support to new distributors, when they are done the presentation.

The key to a Home Presentation is to Regularly Schedule one as soon as you become involved. If you are committed from day one to have a meeting in your home or a friends home from day 1, you are almost guaranteed success.

You see, when you are the only one at your home presentation, you know you didn’t try hard enough in the previous week. When your Upline gets online to answer questions, you will have the opportunity to feel bad about not trying hard enough, and get some encouragement, and a little training on what you may have done wrong the previous week. If forces you into action.

After you have a few distributors involved, the same rule applies. When you do have the occasional night when there is not any guests in the room, the trusty Upline will be able to give a little coaching again. Even after you get a sizeable group going, don’t be shy to have your Upline call in, it adds a neat dimension to the presentation.

Here are some of the key things to do and not to do:

  • Offer water to drink, or coffee if you please but No Alcohol, and no food.
  • Make sure you are free of distractions (the phone, the kids, the pets)
  • Make sure you have arranged it with your Upline
  • Give copies of the compensation plan after the video is done, and go through it once more slowly with the group.

And it is as easy as that. Once again, if you follow the system, your Upline does most of the work.

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