MLM Business Objections

Sample Objections and Responses to the Business

The idea is to be able to tailor the following sample responses to fit any given situation. The key is to be prepared.

Sample Objection Number 1

“I’ve never sold anything in my life – I don’t think I can do this.”

Psychology: “Can I do this?” or “I’m afraid of rejection.”

Response: “You don’t have to sell anything!! If you can ask people if they want to make some extra money and then give them a website, you can do this!!”


(agree) “I appreciate how you feel.”

(relate) “I felt the same way when I got started.”

(solution) “What I found was that it’s just like recommending a great restaurant or a good movie to people.”

(Confirmation) “You’ve done that before, haven’t you?”


Response:  “I know how you feel – I felt the same way myself when I started in this business. The thing that got me excited, though, was when I found out that the company’s system actually provides the mechanism for the sale – we don’t. The online presentation  you saw moved you to this point, didn’t it? Really, all __________(Distributor’s name) has done up to now is direct you to that online presentation , wouldn’t you agree? After watching the presentation  some people decide to buy the product while others not only buy, they start distributing it as well.”

Confirmation:  “Can you see how simple it would be to start developing your own business by doing the same thing?”

Sample Objection Number 2

Is this one of those pyramids?”

Question: “What do you mean by a pyramid?”

Psychology: Your prospect is thinking, “This is an illegal scheme that might get into trouble down the road and I’ll have wasted my time and energy.” or most often they are not referring to something illegal but pyramid is being used as a common terminology of the networking structure. In this case your response could be, “Absolutely!! That is why I am so excited about it. Wait till you see how you can make the money.


(agree) “I appreciate your concern.”

(relate) “I was worried about the same thing myself until I checked it out. There is no similarity. Pyramids are schemes and rarely have a decent product or service for sale. They promote the recruitment of people and generally demand a high capital investment with no refund policy.”

(solution) “Our program is nothing like that. You can start your business for very little. As a Member, you obtain the right to market very exclusive, legitimate memberships and guarantee 100% consumer satisfaction! Our commissions are generated only on the sales volume of these Memberships.”  Much like golf courses sell memberships, so do we.

Confirmation: “So you can see, it doesn’t operate anything like a pyramid, does it? This is one of the finest business opportunities available – wouldn’t you agree?

Sample Objection Number 3

“I am not comfortable approaching my family and friends”

Psychology: There is a fear of lack of approval. The prospect has a lack of understanding and belief of the network marketing industry. Their mindset is one of a business attempting to get people instead of trying to give to people. This is why prospects that are given an entire presentation showing the concept of leverage and duplication become interested in the business. 


(agree) “I appreciate your concern.”
(relate) “I was worried about the same thing myself until I saw that all I have to do is refer my friends or family to an online presentation and if they have interest, they will call me!
(solution) “Or if that really bothers you you can go make yourself some enemies and approach them!!! But seriously, let our websites and systems grow your business for you.

Sample Objection Number 4

“I just don’t know many people.”

Psychology: What they are really saying is “I don’t know if any of my friends would be willing to do this.” They are prejudging and have a fear of lack of acceptance or rejection.


“If you can ask people if they would like to make some extra money and refer them to a website, you can do this!


(agree) “I can appreciate that. That’s the beauty of this opportunity. You don’t need to know a lot of people. In fact, our Compensation Plan is specifically designed for people like you. You can succeed by introducing a few Distributors to our program. This company is built on word-of-mouth advertising – you tell a few people, who tell a few more. Our training programs and field support will show you exactly how to build an Organization from just a few friends and associates. And I’ll be there to help you get started and work with you every step of the way.”

Confirmation: “Do you see how we can make this work together?”


Response: “I think we all feel like that sometimes. I know I’ve felt that way. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that the average person knows upwards of 300 people! Even if you are new in town, you can be successful in our program because you need to sponsor only a few successful people to build a business!”

Confirmation: “Isn’t it great to know that ordinary people like us can do this?”

Sample Objection Number 5

“I really don’t have the time to get involved in something like this.”

Psychology: Can I do this with the limited time I have and be successful?

Response: “If you can make the time to ask people if they would like to make some extra money and then refer them to a website, then you can do this!”


(agree) “I can understand why you feel that way.”

(relate) “I felt that way myself since time is very valuable. I found that by simply asking people if they were on the internet, if they were making money with the internet, and if they would be interested in learning more, in brief conversation, I’ve been able to stimulate interest. With my sponsor’s support, it has lead to getting my business off the ground – a business that could give me an income of as much as $1,000 to $2,000 per week and more. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?”



(relate) “I felt that way myself but I found it was really a question of priorities. When I considered all the things I was doing and realized that some of them were not taking me where I wanted to be 5 or 10 years from now, I decided it would be wise to dedicate some time each week to doing something to accomplish my goals.”



Response: “I know how you feel. Time’s a hard thing to find these days, isn’t it? When I was first introduced to this business I felt it was impossible to squeeze anything else into my schedule! Let me tell you, though, what I found out about the company’s system. I found they could show me how to utilize 5 – 10 dead hours a week in the schedule I already had. It was amazing! For example, it took _________ (Distributor’s name) only a minute or less to refer you to the Online Presentation you just watched, didn’t it? Imagine how many times a week you’d have the opportunity to do the same thing? The system does the work for you – you only talk to interested people! In those few hours, following the system can build you a $30,000 a week – residual income.”

Confirmation: “Can’t you see how quickly we can build this?”

Objection: “I want to think it over.”

Psychology: This is a fear statement. What they are really saying is, “Let me think of why I shouldn’t do this rather than why I should do this.” With this statement most people will talk themselves out of the business.

Response: “I agree with you. The more you think of the Internet opportunity being open now, the more I am sure you will agree, the timing is right to profit.”



(agree) “I can appreciate that.”

(relate) “It’s only natural to want to think it over. What I found was that it’s not the speed of a decision that counts, but the accuracy of it – right? Just for my own information, what’s the main thing you have to work through in order to make a decision one way or the other?” (draw out and answer any questions your prospect has in these areas. Tie down and confirm that each of your responses is a satisfactory answer.) “So the only thing you’re really not sure of is you – how you see yourself fitting into this opportunity. Is that correct?” “Great! Then lets talk in a few days to see if you are ready to get started.

Confirmation: “Does that make sense to you?” 

Sample Objection Number 6

“I don’t have the money.”

Psychology: The real fear is about losing the money or not making money. To prove the point, if you put a brand new luxury vehicle in their driveway and offer to give it to them if they come up with $2000, they would come up with the money. They have not seen enough value in the opportunity to overcome this fear.


“Don’t you hate that feeling? That is the whole reason I was thinking of you!”


Response:  “You can make money by referring people to an online presentation, and it doesn't cost you anything to generate interest.


Response:  “Oh, I know how you feel – that’s a valid concern. I felt the same way myself when I first looked at the company. The truth is we all have money, don’t we? It’s just that we have to use it for rent or mortgages, groceries and bills. What I found out was that I always had to pay those bills anyway and every month was the same – I had none left over. But when I used 1500 of those dollars to start a business for myself, the next month I had something producing some dollars for me, so I didn’t have to find as much to pay the bills. Each month as my business grew, it paid more and more of my bills for me, freeing up more of my regular cash flow.”

Confirmation: “Wouldn’t it be great to have the same thing happen for you?”

Sample Objection Number 7

“Can’t you tell me more about it over the phone?”

Psychology: What they are really saying is tell me about it so I don’t have to look.

Response: “Hey Tom, no more than I can give you a haircut over the phone, can I explain this business to you over the phone. It is visual, you have got to see it. If I could show you the concept of leverage over the phone, I would, but I can’t!”


Response: “Sure I could. But in all fairness to you, the website presentation can tell you more clearly in a few minutes what would take me a couple of hours. Besides, it would be like me trying to describe what someone looked like to you over the phone. Just look at the video and I’ll call you back tomorrow.”

Confirmation: “It’ll be easier to talk when we’ve both seen the same information, wouldn’t you agree?”

Sample Objection Number 8

“I’m not interested!”

Psychology: They are saying no to something they do not understand.

Response: “I know how you feel. As a matter of fact, I felt exactly the same way myself when someone introduced this to me. What I found out, though, was that while I thought I knew what they had to offer, I couldn’t have been more misinformed. What I have to show you is potentially worth $30,000 a week.”

Confirmation: “I’ve never met a serious business person who wasn’t interested in making more money or open to other opportunities, have you?”

Sample Objection Number 9

“I know someone who tried this and failed.”

Psychology: They don’t believe they can do it. It is a fear of failure. 

Response:  “Really?!?! How long did they try? Remember when I showed you leverage, you may only have 10 or less distributors in your network after a few months - but after 8 months you can have 1000’s!”


Response: “Really?!?! How long did they try? They probably didn’t fail they quit. If they would have sponsored just one person per month I am sure they would have had success.”


Response: “That’s true, it happens. In your past experience, though, has there ever been anything that you’ve been able to do better than (that individual)? Who’s to say you couldn’t do better than (that individual) this time as well? Think of it – many people fail, on a daily basis, in small businesses of all descriptions. At the same time, however, many other people succeed. The difference is quite often not the person but the system they have in place, wouldn’t you agree?”

Confirmation: “If you will follow our success system, I can assure you – you won’t fail!”

One of the most Common Questions you will Get

Question: “How much money do you make?”

Response: “Nothing yet!! I’m just getting started and thought you might want to make it with me!! You’re one of the first people I thought of!”

To Circumvent All Objections at the Beginning, you can simply say

“I’ll bet in your business you have people giving you all kinds of excuses why they can’t buy your product or service, don’t you? Do you generally find that none of their excuses are valid reasons? Well, it’s the same in our business!”

“What reason could you possibly have for not getting started?”

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