This is my List and Ranking System. It will help you get to the people most suited to the business first, and it will force you into a proven system of success. Yes, it is this easy. The hard part is convincing you of that!

  1. Make a Spreadsheet or write on paper an outline with the following column headings.
    1. First Name (leave enough space for writing in the name here)
    2. Last Name (leave enough space here as well)
    3. Money
    4. Successful
    5. Entrepreneurial
    6. Open-minded
    7. Positive
  2. Write down everybody you can think of. Do not prejudge. The ranking will take care of the judging for you. Click Here for a memory Jogger to help with this step!
  3. In the money column give 1 point if they have enough money to enter your company at the cheapest level. Give two points if they can afford to enter at your mid level and get some sales aids if available from your company. Give 3 points if they can afford to join at the top level of your company and spend some money advertising and in general doing the business professionally.
  4. For all other categories, successful, entrepreneurial, open-minded and positive, give 1 point if it is true, and 0 points if it is not true. Do this is with a "best guess" type of approach. Do not analyze each person for an hour.
  5. Local means able to make it within 2 hours drive to your home for a presentation
  6. Take the top 30 from your ranked list and transpose the names to the TOP 30 sheet.
  7. On your TOP 30 sheet, put a "C" in the status column if you feel you are comfortable to call them to invite them to a presentation, a "V" if you feel they would be most comfortable receiving a video or website to look at and a "T" if you feel they are best suited for a cassette tape or pre recorded conference or sizzle call.
  8. Fax or email the TOP 30 sheet to your Upline right away.
  9. Set up a meeting with your Upline to call all the C's, and get there help to address the packages or prepare the email addresses for all the tapes for the T's and the Video’s for the V's.
  10. Set up a time to follow up on all information and product by way of a 3 way call with your Upline.
  11. Happy sharing!!

If you would Like to download an Excel Spreadsheet that makes this all very easy to do, Click Here to be taken to the download page!

or, now... There is an APP for that!

MLM List Creator for iPhone

MLM List Creator for Android

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