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Think and Grow Rich
Napoleon Hill
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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill has to be one of my favorite books of all time.  I think I have read Think and Grow Rich 10 or 12 times by now and every time I get something new out of it.

It is simply amazing that the contents of Think and Grow Rich were written in the 1930's and today every word written still rings true.  The depth of research into the lives of the wealthy is simply stunning yet it still makes for a very entertaining read.

"Thoughts are Things" is probably one of my favorite principles taught in Think and Grow Rich.  One of the stories the book tells is of how a huge steel company merger all started when one famous person in history had the thought that it was possible.  From that thought millions of dollars were created and wealth beyond the person who originally had the thought's wildest imagination was achieved.  Amazing.

Another favorite thought and probably the most famous worldwide in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is "anything the mind can conceive you can achieve".  Not sure that is the exact quote as I don't have the book beside me as I write this little review, but the general principal is there.  POWERFUL.  TRUE.

I challenge everyone to try that principal on for size, the results will amaze you.

This book is simply a "must have" for your library whether you are in MLM or Network marketing, or you are just on the path to self improvement.  You will love this book, I know I do.

Whenever life seems to be getting the better of you, reread this book and it will lift you out of your doldrums.  I promise in 7 or 8 years, your version will look just as worn and tattered as mine!

Dennis Wilson

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Book Cover

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