Now, That's Exciting

Carol Waugh

My friends, the brothers Michael and Steve Melia (father and uncle of Upline Technology Editor Luke), are veterans of the prospecting wars. When they started in the business, they tag-teamed their prospecting. They had a secret code to let each other know how they felt the prospecting interview was going.

If either of them said, "That's nice," the other one would end the conversation right there.

If Steven said, "That's interesting," Mike knew Steve thought this wasn't a very hot prospect, but . . . they'd try to bring the guy around.

If Michael said, "That's exciting," Steve knew Mike thought this person was dynamite, so they'd up the level of the conversation to enrollment speed.

So, when I say, "That's Exciting," I'm using it in Melia-speak to describe a really nearly explosive state of affairs. Which is just what it feels like to be part of Upline right now, `cause so very much is happening. And it's so much too much that we combined the November and December issues into one to give ourselves time and space to breathe.

Don't worry about getting all your Upline issues. Everybody's subscription will be adjusted to make sure you get all you paid for. And Uma added a couple extra pages of great stuff to this issue, so you'd have more valuable reading to warm your mind on those frosty winter nights. Okay?

Great, now, here's what's exciting:

  • The Upline Magalogue
  • A NEW four-color, national magazine for Network Marketers
  • The long-awaited (yes?) sequel to The Greatest Networker in the World
  • The Greatest Networker in the World speaking tour

    And . . .
  • The Greatest Networker Mentor Program

Here's all about them one-at-a-time:

The Upline Magalogue

Way back in the darker ages when we were called MLM Success, I started the idea of a magalogue-- that's a magazine, in our case a newsletter, and a catalog all in one. My idea was to provide you with the books and tapes and tools you needed and wanted right in each issue of the journal. At some point, we got away from that and made the catalog a separate piece. Pretty? You bet. Expensive? That, too-- to print and mail. So, we're going back to the magalogue.

From now on, you'll receive the catalog and your copy of Upline all-in-one and at the same time. A 12-page or more four-color insert in every issue. This allows us to change things around, get you your brand new stuff fast, and prevent all those sexy Upline Resources catalogs from getting buried between L.L. Bean and Nieman-Marcus.

I've always considered getting you the best books and tapes in the business a real responsibility of ours and terrific value for you. I'm convinced the magalogue is the best way to do it.

A NEW four-color, national, newsstand magazine for Network Marketers

If you missed the premiere issue we did back in June of this year in partnership with Success magazine--and unfortunately most of you did--you'll get another chance. In fact, you'll get six chances per year from now on. Upline and CPG (our parent company) are taking the bull market of Networking by the horns. We're bringing out a glossy, national magazine devoted exclusively to, for and about Network Marketers.

Stories, stories and more stories of successful Networkers. Pictures, pictures, pictures. And a host of informative training articles and third-party credibility pieces you can use to turn-on prospects and sign them up on the spot.

It will be on newsstands, you'll be able to subscribe, and when it explodes with the monster success I'm convinced it will instantly achieve-- being the fastest growing, highest selling, most-subscribed-to magazine in publishing history!!!-- the world will ask, "Why?" The answer will be, "It's Network Marketing, stupid."

Nothing that's ever been done before will put our industry on the map and positively in the public mind so powerfully. It's called Buzz, and this time it will all be about Network Marketing. It's a home run!

And . . . the long-awaited sequel to The Greatest Networker in the World, AND The Greatest Networker in the World speaking tour, AND The Greatest Networker Mentor Program

(See if you can read the following all in one breath.)

The sequel, The Greatest Networker in the World-- Conversations with my Mentor will be a done deal by February 1, 1999. Just like the first book-- the one Richard Poe called "a modern day classic"-- the second book will be a conversation. It will take the ideas presented in the first book many steps further, giving you more stories and insights into what can make you The Greatest Networker in the World!

And-- especially for those of you who are nervous about public speaking-- after 12 years, I finally got comfortable with being on stage for a full day or evening presentation. (As I say, I'm a little slow.) So, The Greatest Networker in the World-- a Conversation with John Milton Fogg speaking tour is a coming soon to a city near you. After my recent trip to Australia (ten speaking gigs in 11 days!), I'm convinced I've got a ton of valuable material to offer people and a unique presentation style-- an interactive conversation with the audience. If you want an evening or a full-day of me ( that's scary) give a call to my not-so-secret-agent, The Great Networker Kentucky Douglas (he's also the Director of The Young Networker's Association) at 250-382-6062, and he'll give you all you need to know.

Ever since The Greatest Networker in the World was first published in 1992, people have been asking me to be their mentor-- just like The Greatest Networker did in the book-- and I always told them, "No."

It wasn't that I didn't love sharing what I've learned from this extraordinary business. After all, everything I know about Network Marketing I learned from my mentors. I knew-- beyond any shadow of any doubt-- "If you knew what I know about Network Marketing . . ." you'd be much more productive, have far more fun and earn two, three or more times the money you do today.

There were just too many of you and I didn't see how I'd be able to make the time to do it right.

Now, that's changed.

What happened?

Technology and leverage. The "Virtual Seminar." It's given me the opportunity to get up-close and personal, providing one-on-one mentoring with a big group of people from all around the world. The Greatest Networker Mentor Program. Think of it as a three-way times 20-- a 60-way! Or an Upline Masters Seminar that comes to you. Or hanging out with The Greatest Networker for a six-month long weekend. Anyway you look at it, it's powerful stuff!

It's a six-month commitment and open only to serious Network Marketers, no kidding! We'll be using such leading-edge personal and professional development technologies as coaching through "Open Listening," Daily Communication-Call Partnerships, Single Daily Actions, along with being able to meet and interact with my mentors in teleforums, and more. It's a proven, powerful and empowering process that will add tremendous velocity and rich rewards to any serious Network Marketer's learning and success curve in both their life and work.

If you want to know more about The Greatest Networker Mentor Program and how you or your people can apply, call Kentucky @ 250-382-6062 or e-mail him,, and he'll give you all you need to know.

Whew! Now, don't you agree-- that's exciting!!! --JMF

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, The First Word-November/December 1998, 888-UPLINE-1,


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