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Don't Just Stand There..! (audio) - by David P. Schloss

"Don't just stand there..." and we all know how to finish that line. At various points in our lives, I'm sure we've all asked just what "something" are we supposed to be doing? Dave Schloss has some answers. Really good answers. They're tried (not tired) and true, and what's more, he explains them so many of them make more and better sense than ever before.

Don't Just Stand There..! starts out like a dozen other tapes I've heard over the years. In all honesty, as I started to listen, I had the thought I'd heard it all before. There was this cliché and then that one. Just when I began to put listening to Dave and his tape in the "background music" category, I heard something new--rather, I heard something old a new way. I thought, "That's cool." Then it happened again. And again. It kept on happening for 45 minutes.

Now Don't Just Stand There..! has a permanent place in my auto-university curriculum. It's a program I honestly doubt I'll ever tire of. Dave has strung together so many of the classic thoughts from personal development and success literature, listening to this tape is like a refresher course in tried an' true wisdom-- wisdom I've heard before and need to remember. Plus, David's matter-of-fact reasoning puts a new spin on a bunch of stuff that-- this time-- I heard differently. Maybe that's because the last time I was exposed to some of these thoughts, I was a different person. Maybe it's the way Dave put them together. Maybe it's Dave's explanations. No matter. I got a lot of value out of listening to Don't Just Stand There..! And I have each and every time I've heard the tape.

Don't Just Stand There..! is one of those tapes you'll reach for when you're a bit down and want to get back on track.

Don't Just Stand There..! is one of those tapes you'll reach for when you're on a roll and want to keep going higher.

Good stuff, Dave. Thanks! --JMF

The Science of Success - By James A. Ray

Are you ready for this? Here goes:

This is the best book on success I have ever read-- ever!

Yes, it is. I'm going to say that again so there's no room for doubt.

The Science of Success is the best book on
success I have ever read.

I've probably read every good book on personal growth and development (i.e., success) ever written, certainly all of the classics by Hill, Maltz, Allen, Mandino, and many other famous others. James Ray's The Science of Success book (and tape and workbook series) covers every base better than any other, leaving its readers with a solid understanding of the universal laws behind the thoughts, feelings and actions needed to create lasting success in your life and work.

Ray maintains that anytime anyone has ever succeeded in life, he or she has done so because they were aligned with the laws of success. They were doing the right things the right way. The Science of Success starts out by revealing these universal laws in a systematic, easy-to-understand way. Then Mr. Ray follows up with the simple and straight-forward principles you can use to put the power of these laws to work to "live the life you dream of living."

He explains that you don't need to understand how these laws work either. (And isn't that a relief!) Just as we don't need to know how and why electricity operates in order to use an appliance or turn on a light switch. All you need do to master The Science of Success is study the laws and apply the principles. The key, says Ray, is simply to live and work in harmony with the laws.

One of James Ray's talents I appreciate most is his giving a scientific spin to some seemingly airy-fairy stuff. He explains how everything is energy, and energy is always changing. We can shape rock-solid reality (just energy) with our thoughts (also energy). He describes the laws of attraction and vibration and gives readers and listeners a new take on cause and effect, focus and replacing negatives with positives for better and better results. Simply stated, "We draw to us the things we focus on." The Science of Success shows you where and how to focus your focus.

We live in a relative world, says Ray, therefore relating is a key to success. "Relationships are everything and everything is due to relationships." And the gems just keep piling up.

Once you understand the laws, Ray lays on you the Seven Power Principles for how to apply them to create the life you've always dreamed of having, doing and being. The Science of Success has all the right questions and gives you all the right answers. This is a superb book! The best of it's kind I've ever read. I will use it again and again to make my life and work all I dreamed they could be. -- JMF


Ray's book comes out next month through James Ray International, (619) 459-6909.

The Pursuit and Practice of Personal Mastery (audio) - By Brian Klemmer

I had the pleasure of participating in an all-day workshop with Brian Klemmer at the most recent Lifers' Retreat. But enjoyment wasn't all he intended us to get out of the day. He started the workshop by saying, in so many words, "Yes, we'll have fun, but that's not why we're here-- we're here to make today a life-changing experience." Did that mean he expected us to walk out of the room noticeably different people? No, although I'm sure some people did. Those of us who shared that experience left with powerful ideas, powerful new paradigms, and tools for implementing them each day we choose to do so back in our day-to-day lives.

This ten-audio album is the companion to Brian's workshop, and while I highly recommend you grab any chance you can to get in the room with him, I don't say this is the "next best thing," because the tapes offer an equivelant, though different, opportunity to grow personally.

I love the title of this series because it is literally what Klemmer helps you to do-- pursue and practice personal mastery. He pointed out in the workshop how you can pursue personal mastery by attending seminar after seminar, waiting for the presenter to tell you something "new," but without putting what you learn into practice, your life
doesn't change. That definitely hit home, as the room acknowledged with nods and murmurs how many "ah-ha" realizations we'd let lose power by never putting them to practice. In this tape set, you listen, learn, self-reflect, and practice. The practice techniques all focus on bringing what you learn out of your head and into your daily life. Each tape will teach you things you didn't know about yourself.

One of the unique qualities of this tape series that I love is that each tape really could be stand-alone. That means that if you've listened to them all and think that someone in your group might benefit from, say, the sixth tape which focuses on Commitment, they could pick up right where they need to and not feel confused because they didn't listen to the first five (yet). His aim is to help us "put philosophy into action," and these tapes make it easy to start anywhere.

A few of the things you'll find in this series are: A system for effective communication with anyone; problem-solving techniques; ridding yourself of the most common and destructive of all thought processes; the importance of judging by results ("sometimes harsh, always fair"); moving from victim into responsibility (even if you think you already have); creating genuinely win-win situations. . . . There are so many more things I learned from the workshop and tapes, I highly recommend you make this program a part of your self-development education. We're glad to have you as part of our Upline family, Brian-- thanks for all you do! -- Uma Sackett

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