February 1999

Success Story

It Starts With Caring - Joyce Oliveto of Mannatech

Joyce Oliveto

Joyce Oliveto thought she had the whole "success thing" wrapped up. She was busy making a great living doing something she loved. How much better could it get?

As a healthcare nutritionist, Joyce founded her own natural healing center in the late 1970s. She was passionate about the work and sincerely loved helping people get well. Throughout the `80s and `90s, alternative healthcare came into its own, and Joyce's practice grew into an immensely successful business. Though she often worked 12- or 14-hour days, Joyce believed she was on the right track in her life. "My work was fulfilling on many levels," she remembers, "and I guess that's why it made up for taking all my time. I kept working hard at it. But I usually had little time left over for myself or my family, and sadly, I guess I got used to that."

Then one of her client's suggested she take a look at Network Marketing....

My first reaction was `oh yeah, I remember this.' I had had a couple experiences with Networking-- neither of which turned out how I would have liked. But I had fun with both of them, and I was familiar with the potential of the industry. But what really interested me about Mannatech, when I first became introduced to the company in February of `96, was the product line.

I researched the company and the products, tried them out at my healing center and was amazed. I couldn't stop talking about it. I had no plans to do Network Marketing as a business-- I just wanted the products. But people started talking, and next thing you know the business was growing under me.

All of a sudden I had the responsibility to be a leader. There were excited people who wanted to get involved and needed to be trained, and they were looking at me for direction. At that time I had no plans to give up my healing center. But I started to see the Networking opportunity as a way to get some time back in my life. I also saw it as a way to provide financial freedom for my children and my grandchildren.

The immediate challenge for me was trying to fit a second business into an already hectic schedule. Where was I going to find the time? I was already working at least 12 hours a day-- from eight in the morning to sometimes 10 or 11 at night. I remember thinking at first: how in the world can I find the time to do this?

Another challenge I had was prospecting. It was easy for me to open up my warm market. People trusted me when it came to healthcare products. But not everyone in your downline is a nutritionist, so it's not very duplicatable. So I knew I had to learn to access a cold market, and get out there and look for leaders. I had to learn that skill myself so I could teach others how to do it. I honestly never thought I would be able to learn that.

How did I overcome the lack of time? Ha, I slept less. That's the truth. In the beginning, I just slept a little less than I was used to.

It was very difficult for about six months, juggling schedules and working two businesses. But as I got more involved in Networking, I realized that I was touching more lives doing that than I ever had as a healthcare practitioner. That's when I really started to get the vision of this industry and what it could do for people.

Learning to prospect a cold market was also difficult, but I kept at it. I started by just putting myself out there. I stumbled like everybody does at first.

I would often have that little self-talk we all experience: I should have said this, or I should have said that; or I should have talked to that person or this person. But it became easier and easier each time. Today, talking to people about the business is just like breathing. It's part of my life.

I have learned that if you are just willing to give yourself room to practice and make mistakes, you will get the experience and the confidence-- it will become second nature to you.

The main thing I've done is always treat the Network Marketing business as a professional business. The value of being a professional Networker cannot be underestimated. It's crucial.

You have to treat your Networking business like a second career, which means work and study and commitment and persistent effort. It's worth it, because it will reward you with more time and money than you can imagine.

Before I work with someone, I am very clear about the fact that this is not a get-rich-quick deal. This will take a lot of hard work. Before I invest my valuable time in their success, I sit them down and let them know that there is a professional way to do this-- and that begins with their making a commitment to do the work. I'll take them under my wing and bring them to the top if they're willing to do what I know works.

I have come to the conclusion that Network Marketing is not simply about finding people to sign up or even about finding enough people who want to build a business. It's about finding people who are willing to learn to become professional leaders. It's really about developing leadership-- in yourself and in others.

I come from a heart space when I deal with people. That's one reason I really enjoy working in healthcare. I'm a nurturer. It's just so natural for me to care for someone.

At its core, success as I have experienced it has something to do with caring for people-- and caring on many levels: physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally.

Success to me means being in a position, and having the vehicle or the influence, to care for others in these ways. It starts with caring. It all comes out of love. I cannot tell you how incredible it is to have a positive effect in so many people's lives.

I have such a belief in this industry. But it's more than just belief-- it's a sincere emotional attachment that has come from what I have seen happen in people's lives. I don't think there is anything better out there to help people grow and develop and prosper. I've seen it, I've felt it. I've watched it in my children; I've watched it in my downline, and it is phenomenal.

Because of my residual income and what Network Marketing has done for my life,I was able to recently purchase 80 acres of land about three minutes from my house. I intend to realize a personal dream by building a camp there for underprivileged children.

My life, and the life of my family and loved ones, has been changed because of this industry. And it brings me such joy to be able to share the rewards with others.

JOYCE OLIVETO is a full-time distributor with Mannatech, Network Marketers of personal healthcare products. In less than three years with the company, Joyce has achieved the level of Twelve Star Gold Presidential. She lives with her husband Richard Cohoon in Brighton, MI. Their three children and five grandchildren are all involved in the family's Network Marketing business.

Check out the story on Joyce Oliveto from Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine.

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Reprinted with permission from Upline, Oliveto-Success Story-February 1999, 888-UPLINE-1, http://www.upline.com


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