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Entrepreneur Magazine, well this one took my by complete surprise. I read Entrepreneur Magazine quite some time ago and was frankly completely unimpressed. I STAND CORRECTED!!! I picked up an issue of Entrepreneur Magazine the other day while I had my kids staying at my house.  The grocery store just didn't have much in the way of business magazines. Figured how much could I lose, and the article on Million Dollar Ideas caught my attention in Entrepreneur Magazine. I figured I would risk the few bucks and read it.

I have to say I was simply STUNNED. I remember Entrepreneur Magazine as a rag that just didn't impress me. The amount of information and excellent stories in Entrepreneur Magazine absolutely blew my mind. Talk about a magazine growing up!! WoW!! Thats all I can say about that.

I subscribed to a year right away as it really really really just took me by that much of a surprise. Would have done 2 years except only 1 year was available in Canada.

I highly recommend to any Networker, that Entrepreneur Magazine is one very valuable resource to keep your dreams alive and keep your thoughts new and fresh. I love it!

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