Internet Marketing System and Email Marketing System Setup

How To Set up your Internet Marketing Software by INS

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  • Contacts
  • Mentoring
  • Traffic Generation
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website Setup
  • Configure
  • Statistics
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There are a number of areas of the Internet Marketing System that will you will need to set up or tweak from how they are set up in order for you to effectively put this Email Marketing System to work for you.

  1. 4 Page Sifting and Sorting Website
  2. Scrolling Text
  3. Audio Message Recording
  4. Survey
  5. Initial Emails
  6. Auto Responder Email Follow Up Series

There are a Few Optional Areas to Set Up if You want to access the Features

  1. Gateway Pages
  2. Telephone Scripts
  3. Happy Birthday or Anniversary Emails
  4. Mentoring

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