Internet Marketing Software First Emails Setup

What is the Theory of the First Emails?

The first emails are simply the email that goes to the prospect once they fill in the survey, and the email that goes to the system owner (yourself) once a prospect fills in the survey.

We do not use Video or Flash for 2 reasons.

You can customize them to look and feel how you like as well as include many macro data fields

How to Set Up the First Emails

Please go to the link that says "First Emails" select first the email called, "New Prospect Welcome Email".

You can write whatever you like here to welcome this person and they will get this email right after they hit the submit button. There is no time lag on this email.

You can use any of the Macro's on the macro list. To see the ones available click on the, "Available Macro List" link, be sure you allow popups on this site, or it will not show up as it opens in a new window.

Also keep in mind macros ARE Case Sensitive, so if you do not type them exactly (I recommend you copy them and paste them from the list) and keep the [brackets] they will not work.

Other than that, the editor to enter them is the same as the editor for editing your introduction or other webpages so the same rules apply. You can use the editor or paste your own html.

Once you have hit submit on this email, please modify the other one by selecting "New Prospect Notification Email". Follow the same process as the first email you modified.

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