Internet Marketing Software Survey Setup

What is the Theory of the Survey?

The Survey is a great way to qualify prospects. You can adjust your questions depending on what you are trying to use the Internet marketing System for.

You may want to ask what their budget is for the project, where did they find your website, if somebody referred them, where in the purchase cycle they are.

This is invaluable information to allow you to spend your time with the correct prospects.

You can also have the prospect put into specific email series' based on their answers to any question.

Here we go, the power of questions to help you determine who is a qualified lead and who is just yankin your chain.

We recommend a lot of thought go into setting up these questions to be sure you collect information that will truly help you evaluate the quality of the lead.

The questions and their answers will be conveniently added as a note inside your contacts contact manager notes area.

How to Set Up the Survey Questions

So, the mechanics of entering questions.

Click on the link called "Site Questions" on the left hand menu.

Click on "New Question"

In question number you can put the number 1 for your first question, the question number will cause the question to be in a certain order in the list. if you think you may add in more questions or mess with the order, you can start wtih question of 10 and go to 20 for the next one and so on, this means you won't need to renumber all of them if u suddenly want to put one first in the list. if you entered 1, 2, 3 then you would have to renew them all.

Enter the question as you wish it to be displayed. Select the answer type.

Radio buttons are these -- and only allow the user to select one of many answers.

Check Boxes are these -- and allow the user to select more than one answer.

Drop down list is one of these: - and allows only a single answer to be selected.

Text box is one of these: -- and allows short free form text to be entered.

Text area is one of these: -- and allows larger freeform text like notes, or comments to be collected.

I like to make my last question an open field like that for comments. Customer feedback can be the most effective way to tweak the system and eliminate things you may be offending potential customers with.

Once you hit submit, you will get to enter your answers if necessary. If you set answer type to be either Radio button, Check Box, or Drop down, you will now hit the "answers" to set the answers to the question.

Once you have clicked the "answers" link, you will have the ability to enter an answer to the question number. again, sort order is what order to have the answers display in. It is best to do your numbering by 10's so you can easily insert a question at a later time.

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Enter a question answer, an email series to subscribe to if you want one other than the default attached to this question answer, and a sort order, and hit the "add" button. This will add the answer and let you enter another answer. Once you have all the answers in, you can hit "New Question" again to start the process over for your remaining survey questions.

You can spawn many email series' from specific answers to your questions. Do not overdue it, you don't want people getting a hundred emails from you!,/p>

Finally you can set which priority you want the contact to be added as based on the answer to a question.

New Contact Priority

- By Setting up a specific answer with a priority below you can sort new contacts as they enter your autoprospecting site form questions.

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Select your question number from the list, then the desired answer you wish to see in order to have the contact entered into your list outside the default priority of 2 for a new lead.

This can be used so if the answer is the exact answer you need to show them as being an ideal prospect, you can have them jump to the top of the Today's Calls listing.

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